AGS4 File Utilities Tool and API

This tool and associated API allow schema validation, data validation and conversion of your AGS files. Files are not saved or stored by this tool. Also included are links to our other AGS data related services and applications

AGS Data Submission

Deposit your AGS data with the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) here.

Please validate your files prior to submission. For further details please see geotechnical data services.

AGS4 Validation

Performs validation using the Official AGS Python Library version 0.5.0, this implements checks of the rules as written in the AGS data format standard v4.x.

If you're using AGS Data Format Standard v3.x use our legacy AGS Validator

BGS Data Validation

Your files will be validated against the below rules as defined by BGS/NGDC.

Check Notes
Required Groups Groups shall include PROJ, LOCA or HOLE, ABBR, TYPE, UNIT
Required BGS Groups Groups may include GEOL - required for BGS submission
Spatial Referencing Spatial referencing system defined in LOCA_GREF, LOCA_LREF or LOCA_LLZ.   Example: LOCA_GREF:OSGB, LOCA_LREF:London Grid 1, LOCA_LLZ:WGS84
Easting/Northing present. LOCA_NATE and LOCA_NATN are populated. Zeros or null do not pass
Easting/Northing values fall within   reasonable range LOCA_NATE values inside 100,000 to 800,000 range. LOCA_NATN values inside   100,000 to 1,400,000 range
Drill Depth (HDPH) present HDPH_TOP does not contain null values. HDPH_BASE does not contain zero or   null values.
Drill depths (HDPH) have corresponding   records in GEOL table Checking HDPH LOCA_IDs are in GEOL group AND GEOL LOCA_IDs are in HDPH   group
Locations are onshore Great Britain or   Northern Ireland Note: If using Irish grid and GREF not entered, tool cannot currently   differentiate from EPSG:27700 (OSGB)
Any duplication between NATE/NATN, LOCX/LOCY   and LON/LAT Duplication presumes error in these columns which should be checked
LOCA_ID references are valid Checks all groups which have LOCA_ID are populated with a valid record   present in the LOCA Group.
SAMP_ID or LOCA_ID, SAMP_TOP, SAMP_TYPE,   SAMP_REF references are valid LOCA_ID, SAMP_TOP, SAMP_TYPE, SAMP_REF are all populated, not null, and   unique in combination within SAMP group AND all LOCA_ID values are present in   the LOCA group. Also all groups that reference the SAMP group as a parent,   use either the SAMP_ID field or the combination of LOCA_ID, SAMP_TOP,   SAMP_TYPE, SAMP_REF and that the parent exists in the SAMP group.

Future data validation rules: (Coming Soon)

  • LOC_LAT/LONG lie in reasonable range

Select AGS Version - if "None", tool uses version specified in TRAN_AGS, if not specified, tool uses v4.1.1.

Select checkers

Select response format:

If HTML show LOCA features on a map / If JSON include GeoJSON

Select .ags / .AGS file(s) for validation (v4.x only) (50 Mb Maximum)

Use the map below to find AGS data, click on the markers to find borehole information, links to graphical logs, .ags data download from the NGDC AGS database, and the original submitted AGS data.

The map will show a maximum of 100 AGS markers - users may need to pan/zoom to display markers of interest.

If no AGS Submission Record is shown at the link provided there is likely a legacy confidentiality restriction.

The AGS Download Service is available to download AGS data for individual boreholes via the marker pop up menu, or up to 10 boreholes based on a spatial search (bounding box or polygon). A zip file will be supplied containing one or more .ags files, on a per project basis. For example:

  • Selecting 10 boreholes from 10 different PROJ ID, then 10 .ags files will be supplied.
  • Selecting 10 boreholes from a single PROJ ID then only one .ags file will be supplied.

AGS Converter

Convert .ags file(s) to/from .xlsx.

Which ever format file is submitted, the opposite will be returned e.g. if 5 .ags files and 3 .xlsx files were submitted the result would be 5 .xlsx files and 3 .ags files

Sort worksheets in .xlsx file using a sorting strategy (Warning: .ags to .xlsx only. The original group order will be lost)

Select files (50 Mb Maximum)

API Documentation and definition

Documentation (Swagger UI)

OpenAPI Document


Powered by pyagsapi 5.0. pyagsapi was created by and is maintained by the British Geological Survey and is distributed under the LGPL v3.0 licence, code is available on GitHub. pyagsapi uses the Official AGS Python Library v0.5.0.


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